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ranks among the most valuable historical resources in the Czech Republic. The Charter and Library Instruction were drawn up in 1694 under the Liechtenstein administration. Any further expensesand the wage of the librarian were covered by special grant at the amount of 10 Rhenish guldens. After the Great Firein 1752, the library wing on the second floor was built within the scopeof reconstruction works. The ceiling of the Great Library Hall was decorated by J. Stern in 1758 prior tothe decoration of the neighbouring Minor Hall by the same painter. The library keeps 33 641 volumes, including 304 manuscripts and 180 incunabulas. 1178 prints were made in the 16th century, another 20 thousand pieceswere printed before 1800.

The part of the books from the library you can see in the digitizing form on the htttp://digi.azz.cz/