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Podzámecká Garden
Flower Garden
The Town

The garden wing of the KROMERIZ CASTLE houseson its ground-floor the SALA TERRENA, which once servedas an entrance to the Podzámecká Garden.The central room interconnected the Salla and the Castle main aisle, the side rooms were used for moments of ease and retirement. The western part was formed to a grotto with statuesof Fauns and waterworks. The picturesque stucco of the Sallawas made by B. Fontana, whereas the cartouche paintings were created by P. A. Pagani. In the eastern part we can findan illustrative model of ore mines: the miners are being lowered down using the humble winch, then they mine and extractthe ore that subsequently is fetched up by pony and group of dogs.The bizarre decoration has its origin in the Renaissance natural science cabinets, laboratories, and collections of curiosities, and is nothing but an artistic reflection of those times heaveand ore mining on the fields and lands of the diocese.