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is definitely of world-wide importance. The scientific catalogue, published in 1998, delineates 536 pictures forming the above mentioned gallery, including the numerous prints and drawings. The most famous and distinguished picture is probably "Apollo and Marsyas" by Tiziano Vecelli, called Tizian, one of his top masterpieces. The oil-painting created some years after 1571 depicts the old ancient mython the clash of two most skilful musicians. However, Tizian imbued the sceneof punishment with a strong humane substance identifying himself with its powerby his own metamorphosis into king Midas who stands by looking full of compassion. The picture is furnished with the entire artist's signature: TIZIANVS(inxit). The pieces in the castle gallery are continually subject to the restoration by the most distinguished Czech experts using the high technology methods and equipment for the research. The installation of the pictures is given a systematic and profound attention.