Podzámecká Garden

Flower Garden
The Town


with its area of 54 hectares, on one hand took advantage of the castle northern front face, which stands in the garden parterre adjacentto the portico once used as a large balconyfor the ground floor, on the other hand it had developed all the features and possibilitiesof a landscaping park.The nearby flow of Morava river with its branches helped to enrich the park with various water sheets, including the Chotek Pond on the north.The scenery of the place has always been changing. The Long Pond on the western side offered a possibility to cruise around on boats,or to skate in wintertime. The shorter bank of the pond gave the locality to the small unpretentious Fishermen Cottage constructed by M.Sc. Kroupalof Grünberk. The northern part of the Podzámecká garden is flown around and bounded by the river of Morava, forming thus the monolithic unitwith the surrounding landscape.