Podzámecká Garden

Flower Garden
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in fact initiated the album composed of the coloured engravings featuring the most interesting part of the park.We can even compare the historical and actual state and appearance of it. The publication also includes two plans and a brief text by J. Fischer (1802). You can see the reproduction of the pavilion, or so called TEMPLE OF FRIENDSHIP, that had always been an essential partof the park influenced by the Enlightenment.The English-like aesthetics of the horticultural arts brought a "chinoserie" fashion to Kroměříž. The extant CHINESE PAVILION was built on the bank of the Wild Pond, the glacis height was equipped with the contact boards actuatingthe small bowing figurines of the Chinese.The Podzámecká Garden is primarily rich with its vegetative beauty and plentitude: the experts have recorded 48 coniferous and 153 broad-leaved species. The plane-trees are probably the oldest foreign trees of all. Generally, various species from Southern Europe, North Americaor East Asia can be found here. The "novelty" of the Garden is the ornamental tree described by A.M. Svoboda in 1996 as a cultivar. A sturdy tree, just by the Ginkgo Biloba, accommodates the witches' broom, the scion of which was planted bringing forth small trees with rounded tops.One of the ginkgo species was named to tribute the house of Choteks, the family of archbishop F. M. Chotek, henceforth the "Ginkgo biloba L. cv. Chotek".