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Dear readers and admirers of history, culture, and arts, Herein, you are presented a publication on the Kromeriz gardens and castle.It is but a small summary of painstaking activitiesthe City of Kromeriz (along with its cultural and administrative authorities, and large number of experts) pursued to draw up a draft for proceedings which would inscript the gardens' and castle's yards on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The voluminous document filedwith the international organisation was actuallyso confirmative that the most significant landmarksof Kromeriz were declared a "Monument of Outstanding Universal Value", by a decision taken as of 2nd December 1998.The care of historical monuments has been the priority target of the municipal authorities efforts and also a kind of cultural obligation throughout modern history. The city itself, along with the Archiepiscopal Castle (and both gardens) - linked with cultural and political traditions especially in terms of the democratic messageof the Constituent Imperial Assembly - have witnesseda large development comparable only to the renovation introduced in the second half of the 17th century, just after the Thirty Years' War.The book you are presented with at the moment should provide you with the most fundamental information.It could be read as a small welcome-guidebook to those who have just visited the town as well as an invitation for new comers. The city, in deed, deserves your attention and its beauty will hopefully take your breath away.